安藤 昌彦

Masahiko ANDO
Clinical Professor

Data Coordinating Center, established in August 2018, take responsibility for the integrity of research data from clinical trials conducted at Nagoya University Hospital through the quality control process. As a member of Academic Research Organizations founded at Translational and Clinical Research Core Centers and/or Clinical Research Core Hospital, we also support external clinical researchers to conduct high-quality clinical trials. We will continuously assist clinical researchers to provide clinically meaningful outcomes as far as possible by efficient allocation of limited resources.


Data Coordinating Center is charged to secure scientific validity and reliability of clinical trials by performing quality control of clinical data. From an objective standpoint, specialists in the area of clinical data monitoring, clinical data management, and biostatistics support clinical researchers in building and managing EDC-based data collection systems, monitoring clinical data including instructions to researchers, planning and conducting data analysis,and creating reports.

Clinical Data Quality Control Division

Mission: To control the quality and integrity of clinical trial data by clinical monitoring and data management.

Clinical Data Quality Control Section

Mission: To forward in academia the conduct of highly confident clinical studies based on regulations, notifications, protocols, and others, to protect the human rights, maintain the safety, and improve the welfare of subjects, as well as to contribute to the reliability of clinical study results.

Clinical Network Management Section

System Administration:
Mission: To forward patient enrollment in investigator-initiated clinical trials and clinical studies through subject recruiting using the patient accumulation registry and to support the clinical network collaboration inside and outside the Chubu region.

Clinical Data Management Section

Data Management:
Mission: To appropriately design scientific, rational, and ethical clinical research. To support investigators in an attempt to guarantee the reliability thereof and from objective and professional standpoints.

Data Science Division

Mission: Implementing data science solutions for supporting medical research, and accelerating advances in public health and medicine.

Statistics Analysis Section

Mission: To enhance quality of medical research conducted in central Japan through excellent use of methods in biostatistics and bioinformatics.

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