水野 正明

Masaaki MIZUNO
Clinical Professor

The Center for Advanced Medicine and Clinical Research (CAMCR) adheres to the basic principle of Nagoya University Hospital “We will contribute to society through medical care, education, and research”, and pioneers next-generation medical technologies and care through harmonization of translational science and regulatory science. The Department of Advanced Medicine was newly established in 2018, and a new start was made with the Data Coordinating Center under that. The CAMCR aims to achieve self-sustainable advanced medical development through virtuous circles of (1) development process, (2) human exchange, (3) funds, (4) intelligence, (5) network, and (6) clinical data.


Under the strong leadership of the president, director of hospital, director of department, and director of center, CAMCR has 2 major divisions: Advanced Medicine Division and Clinical Research Division. Advanced Medicine Division is primarily in charge of the processes ranging from basic research to first-in-human clinical trials. On the other hand, Clinical Research Division is primarily responsible for the processes subsequent to the initiation of clinical studies and endeavors to manage the processes under ICH-GCP wherever possible in an attempt to ensure the reliability of advanced medicine and investigator-initiated clinical trials.

Advanced Medicine Division

Mission:To explore and advance potential new treatments from laboratory discoveries.

Research Support Section

Clinical Sequencing:
Mission: To support appropriate medical care and clinical studies through genome analysis using next-generation sequencers.

Cell Banking:
Mission: To construct bioresource banks capable of providing high-quality clinical specimens for use in omics-based research and others.

Material Preparation Section

Material Preparation:
Mission: To prepare material for gene medicine, material for cell medicine, and material for regenerative medicine by utilizing biomaterial preparation equipment.

Information Technology Section

Mission: To comprehensively operate the CAMCR-related systems.

CAMCR IP Strategy Section

Mission: To efficaciously manage and operate intellectual properties.

Clinical Research Division

Mission: To deliver the findings in high-standard clinical research from Nagoya and Chubu to the world.

Planning Section

Project Planning and Management / Medical Writing:
Mission: To accelerate and streamline clinical studies.

Mission: To forward in academia the rapid development of more efficacious, safer, and innovative medical technologies (e.g., drugs, medical devices, and regenerative medicine products) based on regulations, notifications, evidence, and others.

Management Section

Mission: To provide and conduct CRC services for allowing the smooth conduct of clinical studies and clinical trials.

Patient Support Services:
Mission: To afford patient services for allowing the smooth conduct of clinical studies and clinical trials in an attempt to improve patient satisfaction.

Multi-center/International Joint Clinical Trial Support:
Mission: We will promote multicenter and international clinical trials.

Unapproved Medication and Others Management Section

Mission: To support advanced medical care by accelerating high-quality clinical research.

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