Masaaki MIZUNO

Director, Professor

Nagoya University School of Medicine Hospital (Nagoya University Hospital), reorganized the “Department of Advanced Medicine and Clinical Research” in August 2018, by separating the Data Quality Control Division from the Advanced Medicine Division of the formerly the Center for Advanced Medicine and Clinical Research and integrating these two centers. Nagoya University Hospital is a university hospital, and has been designated as a Translational Research Network Program Bridging Research Support Base since 2012, a Clinical Research Core Hospital since 2016, and a Cancer Genome Core Hospital since 2018. Nagoya University Hospital is also at the heart of the 14 Chūbu-area facilities, 11 university hospitals and 3 centers, which consist of the Chūbu Regional Consortium for Advanced Medicine aiming to dispatch novel medical treatment to the world. Nagoya University Hospital and the Graduate School of Medicine have more than 100 research seeds related to the advanced medicine. Each of them either has applied for or obtained a patent. Indeed, the Department of Advanced Medicine and Clinical Research brings together the wisdom of Nagoya University to facilitate an advanced medical development system that entirely covers basic research, seed development to insurance medical examination, as well as human resource development and education for next generation.

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